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Amy Reed, the Philadelphia physician who used her own tragic case to expose the cancer-spreading hazards of a surgical device, died of a rare form of uterine cancer on Wednesday night at her home in Yardley, surrounded by her husband, children, and other family members. Reed, 44, an anesthesiologist, sought aggressive conventional and experimental treatment over the past 42 months, hoping for more time with her six children, ages 4 to 15.

But some of the very same symptoms can also be caused by a prostate-cancer tumor.

Spreading the cancer in this way worsens the patient’s prognosis. Reed stepped forward as a cautionary example of this nightmare scenario after her hysterectomy in October 2013 at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, which is part of the Harvard health system in Boston, where both she and her husband then worked. Reed told the Inquirer early last year during an interview at their home in Yardley.

The couple’s campaign — waged through social media, traditional media, and Noorchashm’s no-holds-barred emails to regulators, gynecology leaders, manufacturers, and politicians — has moved mountains. Food and Drug Administration now warns against morcellation in almost all cases and estimates the chance of spreading an undetected malignancy at 1 in 350. Reed has said she was initially uncomfortable being an activist, but came to feel she and her husband were uniquely equipped to challenge entrenched medical interests, given their training, savvy, and sense of duty. “That’s a philosophy Hooman and I share.” Michael Paasche-Orlow, who went to medical school at Penn with Dr.

Its motorized blades enable gynecologists to dissect and remove the uterus through tiny abdominal cuts rather than one big incision.

But the process can spew fragments of an undiagnosed leiomyosarcoma, a ferocious malignancy that can be mistaken for benign uterine fibroids and that preoperative tests can’t reliably detect.


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